Save the Males: Changing Men Changing the World

2002-2003 Lecture Series by Thomas Owen-Towle

Tom Owen-Towle has been a parish minister since 1967. He and his life-partner, Carolyn, have been co-ministers of the First UU Church of San Diego since 1978 and will complete their work there June 30, 2002. Tom has been involved in leading men's groups, workshops, and retreats across the continent since 1973. Among his fifteen authored books are three addressing the topic of men and spirituality: New Men, Deeper Hungers; Brother-Spirit: Men Joining Together in the Quest for Intimacy and Ultimacy; and Friendship Chronicles: Letters Between a Gay and a Straight Man. He is the co-founder of the UUMeN's Network (1993) and its recent president (1999-2001). Owen-Towle delivered its first General Assembly lecture in 1995 entitled A Revolutionary Man-ifesto. He and Carolyn are the parents of four children and three grandchildren.

Lecture 1

PDF icon Save the Males: Changing Men Changing the World

Lecture 2

PDF icon A Huge Foolish Project:
Setting Up a Men's Table on Every Church Patio

Lecture 3

PDF icon Feeding Men's Souls:
Toward a Mature Liberal Religious Masculinity

Lecture 4

PDF iconMen and Might: Wielding Power in Responsible Ways

Lecture 5

PDF icon Men and Force: Saying Yes to Aggression and No to Violence

Lecture 6

PDF icon Men and Aging: Graying Gracefully and Becoming Elders