Minns 2014 Series
November 7 – 9, 2014

Kate Braestrup Talks about Men, Women & Children: Loving One Another in a Complicated World

Kate Braestrup photo
The Rev. Kate Braestrup

The 2014 Minns Lectures series featured the Rev. Kate Braestrup, a UU minister and chaplain to the Maine Warden Service. In 2007, the Rev. Braestrup won the hearts and minds of readers with her award-winning memoir, Here If You Need Me, a deeply moving account of finding God by helping others who were lost, hurt, or searching for those who were lost in the wilds of Maine. Since then, she has continued to write, speak, and preach with compassion, wisdom, and humor about the big issues in life: marriage and family, faith, love, loss, and the presence of God in it all.